Assistant CRM 2013 13.03.16 for Windows 10


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Assistant CRM Functional CRM software to manage contact information. It is dedicated to individual users as well as groups of users within the network. It can work with the MySQL database server, PostgreSQL, FireBird. It has the ability to plan their tasks and precise monitoring. The program is equipped with modules: contact information, book, correspondence, scheduling. Enables verification number: VAT, registration number, social security number, ISBN, IBAN and postal codes, e-mail address. It allows you to create groups and their own tables to store data. The ability to encrypt data, a quick search make this program a safe and practical. Additional advantages of CRM is a powerful and contact information, the ability to create multiple databases, internal messaging, support for Unicode encoding, data synchronization through the import / export, interest calculator, etc. Export data to spreadsheets. It is recommended especially for merchants, insurance agents and others who work directly with the customer. Selected features: * extended contact * Ability to manage multiple companies, setting up multiple databases * messenger, messenger archive * ZIP codes database, name-codes * encryption key * conduct their own history of contacts * add attachments to companies and individuals, and their encryption * create the * daily logs, administration privileges exchange rates * online * Calendar * work without a server and a LAN (without server) * Ability to work with MySQL, PostgreSQL, FireBird function * Export and import statistics for the users * * Group * history of customer * Ability to create custom tables of data * Unicode support * print addresses on envelopes * data synchronization through the import / export * interest calculator * Ability to define fields wymaganychUwaga! 31-Day Trial